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  1. Batholith, large body of igneous rock formed beneath the Earth’s surface by the intrusion and solidification of magma. It is commonly composed of coarse-grained rocks (e.g., granite or granodiorite) with a surface exposure of square km (40 square miles) or larger. A batholith has an irregular.
  2. Batholith definition, a large body of intrusive igneous rock believed to have crystallized at a considerable depth below the earth's surface; pluton. See more.
  3. Batholith definition is - a great mass of intruded igneous rock that for the most part stopped in its rise a considerable distance below the surface.
  4. Define batholith. batholith synonyms, batholith pronunciation, batholith translation, English dictionary definition of batholith. n. A large mass of igneous rock that has melted and intruded surrounding strata at great depths. bath′o·lith′ic adj. American Heritage® Dictionary of the.
  5. Jun 02,  · A batholith is a giant mass of intrusive igneous rock that forms when magma collects and cools deep in the earth’s crust without being exposed to the surface. A batholith is usually larger than 40 square miles. The main composition of a batholith is coarse grained granite. Most of these giant structures formed inside mountain folds that have Author: Joseph Kiprop.
  6. Batholith. Batholiths are large bodies of intrusive igneous when magma cools and crystallizes beneath Earth's surface, batholiths are the largest type of definition, a batholith must cover at least 39 mi 2 ( km 2), although most are even batholiths cover hundreds to thousands of square miles.
  7. A batholith is a very large mass of intrusive igneous rock that forms and cools deep in the Earth's crust. An igneous rock is a type of rock formed through the cooling of lava or magma.
  8. Sep 07,  · EarthWord: Batholith. Release Date: September 7, Despite sounding like something out of Harry Potter, a batholith is a type of igneous rock that forms when magma rises into the earth’s crust, but does not erupt onto the surface. The magma cools beneath the earth’s surface, forming a rock structure that extends at least one hundred.
  9. The Mesozoic Sierra Nevada Batholith preserves an extensive record of continental-margin arc magmatism which serves as a classic, worldwide model for such tectonic environments. However, about one-third of the batholith actually extends northward from the Sierra Nevada proper into the Basin and Range Province of northwest Nevada, where it has received little study.

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